VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., February 25, 2024 – Global nonprofit Operation Smile today announced its partnership with Beast Philanthropy, the philanthropic arm of Mr. Beast that leverages the power of social media platforms to raise funds and leave a lasting impact. 

Operation Smile bridges the gap in access to essential surgeries and health care by providing cleft surgery and comprehensive care, medical education and training, and long-term investments in strengthening local health systems and workforces. The Beast Philanthropy team joined Operation Smile in Puebla, Mexico, to experience firsthand the organization’s life-changing programs and the impact they have on patients, families and communities. During this surgical program, Beast Philanthropy captured an in-depth video showcasing Operation Smile’s transformative work in Puebla to its global audience – including over 22 million subscribers on YouTube alone – connecting the organization to an entirely new generation of donors, medical volunteers, and future leaders. 

“I’ve been so unbelievably impressed with Operation Smile, there is the surgical component and the medical component but there is a human component as well – and that is the thing that has impacted me the most.”

Darren Margolias, CEO of Beast Philanthropy.

Operation Smile focuses on surgical excellence and investing in people and infrastructure to close the distance patients must travel to receive essential care. The video captures the essence of Operation Smile’s mission and shines a light on the organization’s holistic approach to care, bringing it closer to patients’ communities.

“This partnership is a shared commitment to create smiles and drive positive change on a global scale,” said Susan Can, Operation Smile’s Senior Vice President of Global Marketing. “We express our heartfelt gratitude for the incredible support from Mr. Beast and Beast Philanthropy in shining a light on our work. Together, we can inspire a new generation to help us make a lasting difference to transform the lives of patients, their communities and entire health systems.”

Last November, the Beast Philanthropy team joined us in Puebla, Mexico and had the opportunity to experience our life-changing work firsthand, resulting in this beautiful video and sharing the transformative impact of Operation Smile’s work.

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